Arthur C. Clarke Gala - Playboy Mansion - Los Angeles November 15th 2001

From left to right: Bob Crippen (1st shuttle pilot), John Cameron (movie director), James Cameron (movie director), Alan Hale (discover Hale Bopp comet), George Whitesides (Permission To Dream), Frank Drake (Chairmen Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Jim Lovell (commander Apollo 13), Pascal Lee (SETI Mars Research Station Director), Buzz Aldrin (lunar module Pilot Apollo 11), Patrick Stewart (actor), Frank Braun (event producer), Bill Paxton (actor), Morgan Freeman (actor), unknown, Rick Tumlinson (President Space Frontier Foundation), unknown, Jeff Baxter (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan), Rob Godwin (publisher), Dan Richter (Moonwatcher)


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